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Jochen Leinberger
Posted Feb 08 - Read on Facebook

I am trying to get panning as two finger gesture working as described here
# Enable panning
layerA.draggable.enabled = true
layerA.pinchable.enabled = true

The Problem is, panning works just like dragging but not as a two finger Gesture - neither on my desktop nor on my ios device ...
Am I doing something wrong here?


Jonas Treub

Hi Jochen! I just tried and dragging and pinching works fine for me. Both on desktop and mobile.

Jochen Leinberger

Jonas Treub tnhx for your effort.
Panning work for me with one finger. Regarding the description it would expect a onPan Event 'only' when panning with two fingers. (when panning and dragging are enabled) - or am i misunderstanding the concept here?

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