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Eyal Zaidman
Posted Mar 08 - Read on Facebook

Is there a way to programmatically hide an overlay (after calling flow.showOverlayBottom for instance)


Jordan Robert Dobson

You would use showPrevious I believe.

Eyal Zaidman


Vasco Silva

I'm having trouble with this. If I navigate from page A to B, and open an overlay in page B, close it with showPrevious, then open it again, and close it once again, this second time it's taking me back to page A.
If I click outside the overlay, I don't have this issue. So, my guess is that, when I click outside, in the semi-transparent area, it's not using the showPrevious function, I would like to fire that method when clicking a button to close the overlay, or fix the issue of returning to A, somehow...

James Bickerton

Thanks guys, I was in the same position today and this helped me solve it.

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