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Naheel Jawaid
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys question about animation.

If I'm animating three properties, is it possible to have certain properties start 40% of the way into the animation?

Sort of like shifting keyframes in AE.


George Kedenburg III

you could layer them into multiple animations

Sona Solbrook

Or set a delay for the animation.

Radek Kyselý

Or create a manual timeline for your animation.

Create an invisible layer ›frame‹ at x: 0, y: 0 and animate it from this position to, let's say, x: Screen.width
This will act as your timeline :)

Then, use
frame.on "change:x", ->
and modulate properties of actual animated objects based on frame.x position between 0 and Screen.width :)

Naheel Jawaid

Sweeet. This helps a ton. Didn't know you could create multiple animations for the same object. That'll help a ton with doing multiple curves, etc too.

<3 thanks all,

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