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Liz Heidner
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Does anyone else struggle to get their projects to upload to the Framer Cloud? Mine seem to fail 2/3 times.


Liz Heidner

For context-- I use gmail login, and stuggled to sign in successfully the very first time I used cloud as well.

Jonas Treub

Hi Liz! Edwin is investigating the Cloud. Thanks for the heads-up!

Liz Heidner

Thank you!

Ban Nguyen

I am also having problem connecting to Framer Preview (and yes I connect both to the same wifi network). It worked perfectly yesterday. Jonas Treub

Edwin Van Rijkom

Thanks for reporting, folks. On encountering trouble while uploading, please open the Mac OS "console" app, and filter the messages for "Framer". In case any errors flow by, it'd be great if you could send those in at [email protected].

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