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Martin Halik
Posted Feb 06 - Read on Facebook

Hello may you help me, why this doesn't work?

for all sketch layers it animates only ripples[3] layer.

for i in [1...4]
sketch["sortBy#{i}"].on Events.Click, ->
ripples[i-1].opacity = 1
ripples[i-1].scale = 0.5
curve: "spring(300,30,0)"
time: 0.4


Jonas Treub

Hi Martin! The loop overrides the i variable during each iteration. During the final iteration it gets the number 3. So inside each click event the same layer is animated. To fix it you can replace ripples[i-1] with "this" (without quotes). You can read more about the topic in our programming primer:

Jonas Treub

Be sure to only use "this" inside of the click event. Inside of that scope it refers to the layer that has the event.

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