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Julian Lucas Wohlleber
Posted Feb 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey Guys,
some friends and me want to use Framer Studio to build a exhibition-piece for the Telekom-innovation-Labs. Currently we're struggeling with storing data that is generated by the visitors in a json file to use it the next day. Is there any workaround that any of you already experienced?
I'm currently struggeling finding a solution, trying to use node.js in combination of express.
Is this the easiest/a possible solution? Has anyone any experience or insights she/he could share?
Would be so happy to get some feedback!


Koen Bok

If they have internet, I would use Firebase. If not, you could use the localStorage apis or run a small Node server on the side.

Kim Does

I've seen some prototypes with firebase and framer. Maybe google and have a look at those.

Koen Bok

localStorage actually sounds the easiest for what you want to do.

Peter Gr

Julian Hey Julian, I've used Firebase in a couple prototypes before (using JSON). One of the other members made a module and tutorial -- This should be all you need to get started:

Julian Lucas Wohlleber

Thanks for all your feedback! Super Awesome!
Since we don't know if we can have internet in the exhibition hall, it would be better to have it stored locally.
I will try to solve it with the help of localStorage API. Thank you! Koen Bok
I've heard of firebase before, and I'm hoping to be able to use it in another project some time soon :)

Marc Krenn

Yup, Firebase seems like overkill for this case, I'd also advice to use localStorage instead.

And don't forget to JSON.parse and stringify your JSON if you save to or load from localStorage :)

Julian Lucas Wohlleber

Hey, thanks for all the answers, Peter Gr, Marc Krenn, Kim Does, Koen Bok
I'd love if localStorage would do the job. But we would like to have the generated data afterwards and we are also afraid to loose the localStorage during the exhibition (the exhibition will be pretty long, so we are afraid localStorage could be resetted during that time...)
Is there a possibility to access the localStorage with a tool like node.js? currently we set up everything with node, but struggeling to export the variables or Object from coffeescript. Is there a way to export coffeescript variables to other scripts?

Jordan Robert Dobson

I used to (10+ years ago) just export it to a CSV format into a printed out text view that I could copy and paste and email or save somehow.

Coffeescript is really just JavaScript.

I don't know why you would loose the local storage though. Just make sure you aren't using session based.

Julian Lucas Wohlleber

Just Found a nice and clean Solution with Node.js and :)
This way i can keep both synced, incoming and outcoming objects, and can make all calculations that Need to be done within Node (we Need to calculate the resulting object) ;)
Thanks for all the help!
You guys are awesome! :)
I learned a lot from all your tips, Even though They are Not visible in the final Results.

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