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Meishen Yin
Posted Feb 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello, everyone. I am starting creating Framer JS prototype for one of Apps I designed before. I am wondering how could multiple artboards be imported into Framer JS? Currently, I imported a sketch file within multiple artboards and there are multiple on Framer JS canvas. Is this supposed to be? I heard that there is a new feature about " go to next artboard/page". Do you know any good tutorials about this? Thanks


Nitin Sampathi

Meishen Yin I think what you're looking for is the Flow Component.

Meishen Yin

Hi Nitin Sampathi, thanks for replying. Do you mean when imported the sketch file that contains multiple artboard I press cmd+ D? Or when should I do this? Do you know if there is a tutorial about how to deal with this? Thanks

Nitin Sampathi

Meishen Yin My original comment was to press 'cmd + d' to bring up the Framer documentation and search for the 'Flow component'. Instead, I linked it directly in this thread. I think the 'Flow component' is what you are looking for.

Orfeo Chen

From my experience, there might be some problems if you happen to have multiple pages in a sketch file. Artboards are completely supported.

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