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Anthony Custable
Posted Feb 05 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, I am new to coffee script and I am trying to animate a flyout menu by clicking the menu Icon. For some reason its not working. Anyone know why?


Andrew Liebchen

Try indenting line 141 to line up with the previous line. The following line will have an additional indent.

Peter Gr

Hey Anthony -- for animating layers, try this format:

Layer.onClick ->
- Layer.animate
- - properties:
- - - rotation: someNumber
- - - scale: someNumber
- - time: someDuration
- - curve: someCurve

Ernie Booth

You're not telling the flyout variable to animate. Search for menuFlyout. You create it on line one but never use the variable you created.

Ernie Booth

Also you defined menuIcon.onClick twice

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