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Nikolay Berezovskiy
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi again.
Have some issue when trying to set focus to an element with delay. It works with different elements. It does not work only with a delay or AnimationEnd event. Who knows where is the problem?


Nikolay Berezovskiy

"contentEditable: true" for the TextLayer missed on the screenshot.

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Not sure which module you're using, but if that's an input field there is a limitation that only allows you to programmatically focus an input element as a direct result of a user interaction. So delays won't work. That's an iOS thing, no workarounds that I'm aware of unfortunately

Anton Kartashov

focus? At first, you need to use "InputLayer".

Then I think that "x" is not an "input" element now. It's just his wrapping "div". Instead of "getElement…" try it:

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