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Arena Reed
Posted Feb 03 - Read on Facebook

Hi. Thanks for adding me to this group!

Are there any good examples of a simple web application that I could start from? Ideally, something with a few different views and some hovers and menus.

Is Framer a good choice for a web app? I mainly see people using it for animations within mobile apps, but I think it might save me from some frustration if I take the time to adopt it.

I'm pretty comfortable using a prototyping app like Marvel or InVision but I want to upgrade to something that doesn't make me create 100s of screens in Sketch just to show hovers or little menus for an app that only has about 10 actual views.


Jonas Treub

Welcome Arena! You might be interested in the following article:

Jonas Treub

The new frontpage of Lonely Planet is a really nice example of web design with Framer:

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