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René Schiebelhut
Posted Jan 31 - Read on Facebook

Hello Guys,

I am new to Framer so sorry if my questions are low, but I cannot find a tutorial that helps.

I made in app-design within Sketch on iPhone 7 Plus size with multiple artboards.

When I import the document into Framer on a iPhone 7 Plus device, it only fills like 10% of the screen. When i try to make it bigger, it only affects the objects that are directly on the artboard, not the grouped objects within.

for layer, index in sketch.Message.children doesn´t fix anything either.

Question 1: Why is it displayed so "small" anyways, when i watch Sketch Import Videos on Youtube it is Screensize right away.

Question 2: How does my Code affect children too?

Thanks in advance.


Ben Cross

Are you importing at 3x?

René Schiebelhut

Okay, Problem nr.1 solved, thanks. Can u give a brief explanation why Ben Cross?
Is anything wrong with my for loop?

Ben Cross

in Sketch, my default, you are designing for 1x, so when translating that for phones with higher resolutions you need to multiply, such as an iPhone 7 is 2x and an iPhone 7 plus is 3x

Ben Cross

and If I were you I would just scrap the loop, I don't think it's useful in this situation

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