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Brady Sammons
Posted Jan 31 - Read on Facebook

Hi Guys, Im so enjoying Framer thus far. Such an amazing application... however im running into a problem... I just want to create a button with hover states... and an active state. In Jquery its no biggie at all but in Framer / coffee script i can not seem to replicate this functionality any help would be awesome Framer
See demo here:


Brady Sammons

Thanks Nitin Sampathi I have no problem creating the hover state... its the active state that is the challenge... as the hover should then be disabled, and all sibling items that previously had active state should go back to default. thanks for your help

Jordan Robert Dobson

So you want it on mouseDown? And something different for mouse up?

Brady Sammons

Check this Framer Project,see line 39 this.siblings.states.switch("default")

Björn Mußmann

This shows what you basically need to do:

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