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Eyal Zaidman
Posted Jan 26 - Read on Facebook

Hi there, I'm new to Framer and wanted to ask: How can I share my mockup with the rest of my team when we're not on the same WiFi. I went to the "Links" tab on my iPhone (Framer Preview App) and there's no way to add a URL or something. It says there "Click Share in Framer for Mac" but there's no such button on Framer. There's an "upload" button - which I've used to upload to the cloud, but it seems there's no way to add this URL to the App. Appreciate your help :)


Radek Kyselý

On the remote device (of your colleague), copy the Cloud link and click Links tab at the bottom navigation.
The link will appear and you'll be able to open and/or download the prototype :)

Eyal Zaidman

Awesome! Is that supposed to be a riddle of some kind? :) thanks a lot

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