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Eelco Lempsink
Posted Jan 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey everyone, we just pushed a release comprised of a few Framer shortcuts. For one, you can now edit or add states, animations and event handlers directly from the layer panel using a context menu. Also, holding down cmd and clicking on a layer will navigates you directly into Auto-Code.

We've also fixed a few key issues, so check out the updates page for a full overview


Karan Ganesan


Chris Camargo

Beautiful additions! I've been wanting to interact with the layer panel for a while. :)

Jordan Robert Dobson


Noah Levin


Jonathan Bowman


John Lee

spankingly gooood!

Sergio Reynoso


Giles Perry

I can't get the context menu to show. I assume you ctrl + click on the layer name in the layer panel. Nothing happens for me?

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