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Anat Sharon
Posted Jan 31 - Read on Facebook

hi dear framers.
your help is kindly needed :-)))))))

i new to framer. i have a problem to see my project at the correct screen size.
i have done mirror in order to see the project on my mobile phone through the framed app. i designed it for galaxy G6 (1440x2560) and opened it on galaxy S4 (1080x1920). the project looks blown up a lot.
what could be the problem and how can i fix it?

please help me to figure this out...
thanks a lot


Aalok Trivedi

if you used fixed numbers for heights and width, your project will not scale to fit different screen sizes. It will only look right on devices that are 1440 x 2560. You have to set widths, heights, and positions dynamically relative to the screen (or parent).

For ex: if you set a layer.width = 1440, its always going to be 1440 no matter what device. But if you set it to layer.width = Screen.width, it will always be the full width of the screen no matter which device you choose.

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