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Robin Spielmann
Posted Jan 25 - Read on Facebook

Hey, I'm building a "to-do-list" prototype for my bachelor thesis with framer and have a question managing my layer styles:

I m creating 4 list items (0..listItems-1) when the prototyp is starting. You can see on the left side of the picture (1.) the matching code.
The list items have layer.styles, which are the default styles for the every element in the list.

The code on the right side of the picture shows the code, when I add new list items tapping on a button element. I want to create the exact same list items like I did it before with the 4 default elements but I need to write all the style properties again.

Is there a way to define a default style for every new layer in my list?


Radek Kyselý

I'd define new Class with desired properties and then just create new instances of it :)

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