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Louca Ruhe
Posted Jan 24 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I am new to framer and I have a question.

I've imported my sketch file to framer and now I want a filter option come sliding from the top when I push the search button. Can anybody tell me how to do that?


Marcelo Eduardo Oliveira

Hi Louca,

you should take a look on the basic examples. But without having your file, I can't be more prescriptive:

0. Make sure you grouped the layers with names that make sense, so you can find them in Framer Studio :)

1. First add an onClick event to the Search button layer you have now on framer after you imported with something along these lines:

searchButton.onClick ->

where 100 is the height the filter option would stop.

This is just a crude recipe but should work if you have layers named correctly and look at the basic : add a layer, animation and add even examples on framer site!

If you need more help, share your project - if possible of course

Louca Ruhe

This is the link! Hope you can help me out

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