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Paul Kooi
Posted Jan 24 - Read on Facebook

Having some trouble and would love help from some of you ninja's out there... I'm trying to write a simple conditional where on Click framer checks to see if the current object, in this case layerA has a state of "default". If the state is "default" do X, else do Y...

When I run it... it always does Y... seems like no matter what the state is... it always switches to "C"

layerA.onClick ->
if layerA.state = "default"
else layerA.states.switch("C")


Björn Mußmann


layerA.onClick ->
if == "default"

do the job?

Paul Kooi

thank very much
I but only used one = sign... I always forget to double them up

Andrew Liebchen

Coffeescript is helpful here in that you can write `is` which will compile to `==`. Never forget that double equal again!

Sam Olaogun

For a simple conditional like this, you can cut down on code with a ternary operation. (layerA.states.switch is 'default' ? 'B' : 'C') should do the trick. Plus, Utils.stateCycle might be useful here.

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