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Wonjun Song
Posted Jan 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys, does anyone know why prototype renders smaller when you open it on iphone app? I am using iphone 7 device template in framer and I have iphone 6. The black region is empty space. Thank you!


Aalok Trivedi

Do you mind sharing the project?

Benjamin Den Boer

Hi Wonjun Song — does the prototype use relative sizes? It differ per project, but if you set it up using Screen.width and Screen.height (or Screen.size), you can design prototypes that work across different resolutions.

Paul Blackburn

Did you import from Sketch? I had the same issue and solved it by importing at 2x

Wonjun Song

I imported from sketch. I imported at 2X which looks good on my laptop browser but when you open on framer's preview app (or safari on ios), it renders smaller.

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