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Andrew Liebchen
Posted Jan 24 - Read on Facebook

Hey cool kids, I made a module to help you quickly stand up an interactive chat prototype. As I have more time, I'll add additional features and enable more customization of the chat UI style.


Leonid Nazarov

This is very cool! Any idea how to add different types of messages (photos, sticker)? If you add Firebase will be a real chat!

Jordan Robert Dobson


Дарья Спесивцева

Allen Chan

this is aweesomeeee : D Is it possible to build an interactive chat between 2 prototypes from this? or is that completely different

Stephen Crowley

Allen Chan - search the group for firebase chat examples that are similar :) Could've sworn you and I looked into one last year?

Marc Krenn

(y) for your surname alone, which translates into "sweety" in German.

Module is pretty dope, too ;)

Sam Olaogun

Idk who made the Input module, but they forgot to remove the outline on focus. **inner designer sighs**

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