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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Jan 23 - Read on Facebook

Kind of tangentially a Framer question, but since people here are such a good mix of designers, devs and general clever types:

Anyone have any recent experience with using vector icons in iOS apps? I'm aware PDFs are a thing, but they just get rasterized by xcode. Since we use SVG on every other platform, including Framer, it would be nice to just have one icon library that gets piped into every client and prototype.

Considering SVGKit, Macaw and PaintCode so far, but I haven't found a lot of writings on people's experiences with them. Especially curious about performance and stability. My impression is that PaintCode is the safest option. True/false/other suggestions?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I would concur with your assessment. That's what my buddy who is an iOS Dev recommended.

Sam Olaogun

SVG is the safest and most expandable option. Even though it doesn't work for everything, there are many application that convert from SVG to other formats such as SKIA.

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