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Dmitry Sholkov
Posted Jan 22 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. Does anyone know what is the best way to mask image with custom shape?


Phakphum Wanpen

"layer.clip = true" I use this with image inside the layer

Dmitry Sholkov

Thanks Tae. But I'm looking for a way to clip an SVG. As far as I know layer.clip = true just clips based on rectangle. I need something like this.

Koen Bok

Yeah but you need and raw css:

Constantine Zuev

Well, if you have that SVG embedded, you can just clip your stuff using <clipPath>

Constantine Zuev

Alternatively you can try embed CSS on your element with "clip-path: polygon()". But browser support of this one is limited

Mario Luevanos
Jordan Robert Dobson

If you do a search I created an example for this and posted it here In The group.

Jordan Robert Dobson
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