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Samara Mohammed
Posted Jan 19 - Read on Facebook

Hey gang, does anyone have an animation loop module they'd be willing to share?


Julie Zhuying Li


Samara Mohammed

I have one, but it broke with the recent update haha

Jordan Robert Dobson

What exactly do you need?

Jordan Robert Dobson

Not sure why you would need a module for this...

Samara Mohammed

Or well if there's a code snippet I could use that does an infinite loop.

Jordan Robert Dobson

box = new Layer

rotation: 360
repeat: infinite

Samara Mohammed

oh wow, cool, I'll play with that, thanks! I haven't used framer since last June so I'm a bit disoriented. :-)

Agisilaos Tsaraboulidis

Hey Samara, you can also use this framer library-snippets from Charlie Deets -

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