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Staci Stanford Jaime
Posted Jan 23 - Read on Facebook

Hello Framers! A group of HCDE students at UW are interested in learning more about Framer. Would anyone be willing to introduce a group of us to Framer and do a demo or walkthrough to help us get started? Saturday, January 28th is the day we’re thinking of doing the activity. We would really appreciate it!


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep! Most definitely. I bet a few of us from the Framer Seattle group would be interested as well.

Have you been to a Framer Seattle meetup yet?

cc Stephen / Ryan / Isaac / Chris / Christian / Lauren / Rich / Johannes

Stephen Crowley

Hi Staci- Stella had sent me a private message you guys should sync up. We are happy to do it.

Chris Camargo

Happy to help however I can.

Koen Bok

Really cool. Elena can help with some cool goodies!

Lauren Nielsen

Definitely interested in on boarding some new people but i will be coming home from a business trip :)

Erin McLean

I'm an HCDE alum and would love to help!

Staci Stanford Jaime

This is such an amazing group! Thanks for all of the support!

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