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Lachezar Petkov Petkov
Posted Jan 21 - Read on Facebook

I'm experiencing significant performance/responsiveness issues with Framer for Android. My simple prototype consists of a horizontally scrollable PageComponent + carousel indicators and a nested ScrollComponent in on of the pages. I have no such problems on iOS or on the Mac. Is there a workaround? Is this a known issue?


Lauren Argo

I am also having issues on my android tablet but things work fine on my iphone. I'm guessing the framer Android app isn't up to par with the iOS one? Good luck!

Lachezar Petkov Petkov

Yeeh, that seems to be the case... Bad news for me, since I'll be working on Android projects only in the next year or so. Hopefully the Android app will get at least some performance improvements, I'm not really expecting it to catch up with the iOS counterpart.

Nelson Vasconcelos

Is the directionLock enabled on the PageComponent? If so, just put some directionLockThreshold on y and you will see some improvements :)

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