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Lauren Argo
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi there,
I have a few events in my prototype that play out fine on my mac computer in framer as well as when I view my prototype in a browser (chrome) on my computer but they do not respond right on my android tablet when I open in the Framer app. They become glitchy and don't function properly. Thoughts?


Chris Camargo

I'm afraid you're going to have to be more specific with your question to get quality help.

"I have a few events in my prototype"
Which events exactly? onTap? onClick? onSwipe?

"They become glitchy and don't function properly."
Glitchy how? What are they meant to do? What's happening instead?

Lauren Argo

Sorry about that -- It is an 'onTap' event that makes another image statecycle/animate from 0 opacity to full opacity on top of the tapped image. When you tap again, it state cycle animates to disappear back to an opacity of 0. Essentially it is turning a button 'on' and 'off'. This works fine on my computer but on the android tablet, the 'onTap' makes the 'on' image go to full opacity for a second and then it disappears and it does not stay opaque.

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