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Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

The Adapt module for Framer makes it a bit easier to create dynamic prototypes and test on lots of devices. Upload once, and open the same prototype on any device to see it in glorious full screen and native resolution.

In a desktop browser, pick any device on the fly from the dropdown in the top right corner without having to update your prototype.

Also comes with a dp() function to define values in 1x, and Adapt.width / Adapt.height to create breakpoints based on the screen dimension in dp.

Hope it comes in handy for at least some of you :)


Akhil Dakinedi

Sigurd this looks great! I skimmed through your code, but this should also work for imported Sketch files that were made at a certain base resolution, right? Ex: I have a 360 x 640 artboard in Sketch as the base resolution (1x), but if I use this and want to view it on a device with (3x) resolution, will the module preserve the aspect ratio relationships between width and height? i.e., hopefully I won't have a status bar that will go off the right edge of the screen because it simply tripled the size instead of adjusting it to fit based on the device viewport.

Fran Pérez

This is awesome! I too always create my own dp() function :)

It would be awesome if Framer provided resolution independence natively.

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