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Lauren Argo
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Hi there,

I am having some trouble with mirroring on an android tablet:
- When I pull up my prototype on the device it shows up at around 20 percent of the actual size. I tried uninstalling framer and reinstalling and got it back to full size but it keeps going back to the small size on my device and then I can't get it back. Any thoughts?
- I also have a few events that play out fine on my computer but do not respond right on android. Thoughts here?


PJ Macklin

Hi Lauren! What are you working on??

Sida Li

Did you try deleting width and height and only use size: Screen.size?

Lauren Argo

hmm, what is the full syntax for that? right now i am defining with width and height.

Sida Li

size: Screen.size is the full syntax. Just replace width/height with it.

Lauren Argo

cool thanks i'll try it!

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