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Akhil Dakinedi
Posted Jan 16 - Read on Facebook

Hi, does anyone know what could be causing an error like this ("Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getItem' of null" with a black screen and a red bar at the bottom) when I load up a prototype through Framer Cloud? I'm using the Framer for Android app on a Google Pixel running Android 7.2.

The prototype does load after seeing this screen for a couple of seconds, but the scrolling and layer interaction breaks all over the place. It works as intended in other mobile browsers (Chrome/Firefox) but breaks in Framer for Android, so I suspect it's because of this error.

If anyone has enough programming knowledge (slash knows about how webviews are rendered on Android) to see what's causing this and has time to take a look at the prototype itself to see what I could fix to make it right, please message me and I'll send you the Framer Cloud link to the prototype (can't exactly share it publicly here). I need to get this working within the next twelve hours, so the sooner the better! Thanks in advance.


Gert-jan Vercauteren

Is it using localStorage?

Gert-jan Vercauteren

Have you checked permissions for the framer app? Or could you possibly share the prototype with me in a private message?

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