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Dmitry Sholkov
Posted Mar 30 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys. Just got my hands on to try flow component. It's working really great, however I wonder if you could add one more transition: 'Fade between screens'?



Eelco Lempsink

Hi Dmitry, you can do this with a custom transition, here’s a small example: (note that you only need to pass the transition when navigating to the screen, when going back it will automatically also use it). The custom transition API is powerful but might be a bit complex, let me know if you have any trouble / feedback!

Dmitry Sholkov

Thanks Eelco! That's what I ended up doing, but I thought would be handy to have already premade transition that you can call like "flow.fadeTo(layerB)" :)

Daniel Lauding

aye would be nice to add in animations just like with viewController plugin from Andreas Wahlström ;)

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