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Rich Price
Posted Jan 18 - Read on Facebook

Any Framer peeps in Denver? I'm thinking about starting a Framer Denver group. Care to join me?! :)


Juan Sanchez

I just moved from Denver 8 months ago and there are plenty of people doing some awesome stuff with Framer. A group would be great! Patrick Hansen Anthony Walt

Rich Price

That's right Juan. I remember you now. Saw that talk over at Foundry I think it was.

Rich Price

Where did you move off to?

Paul Kooi

I'm in Denver. I'd love to get s group going

Ashanya Indralingam

If you need support/swag/event format guidance from Team Framer, Elena Stoyanova can help!

Rich Price

Thanks - already in contact with her :)

Monica Rose

Hi! Would love to join!

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