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Rich Price
Posted Mar 05 - Read on Facebook

Any Framer peeps in Denver? I'm thinking about starting a Framer Denver group. Care to join me?! :)


Juan Sanchez

I just moved from Denver 8 months ago and there are plenty of people doing some awesome stuff with Framer. A group would be great! Patrick Hansen Anthony Walt

Rich Price

That's right Juan. I remember you now. Saw that talk over at Foundry I think it was.

Rich Price

Where did you move off to?

Paul Kooi

I'm in Denver. I'd love to get s group going

Ashanya Indralingam

If you need support/swag/event format guidance from Team Framer, Elena Stoyanova can help!

Rich Price

Thanks - already in contact with her :)

C. Vincent Plummer

I'd be really interested! I was thinking the same thing

Rich Price

Sorry guys. I've started a new job and have been a little busy. Let me do a gut check and see how this effort might fit in with my new gig. I'd love to do it if it fits in. Maybe an informal one for the time being....

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