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Aalok Trivedi
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

Back again...I'm using Jordan Robert Dobson's input module, and I'm experiencing some wonkiness when mirrored to my mobile device. Whenever I focus on an input field, the screen jumps down and back up. Also the cursor gets displaced but resumes in the correct position when you start typing. Any thoughts?


Marc Krenn

Works flawlessly on my Android 7.0 device.

Luke Warda

There is a bug in safari when using momentum scrolling in a single page HTML app. And that's what framer generates.

Aalok Trivedi

Jordan Robert Dobson curious: is there a way to make whatever value your input is --> "•••••••••"? trying to create a more realistic password behavior

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep. Just type: "password"

Instead of type: "text"

Aalok Trivedi

Ah, thanks! Is there any other documentation besides on Also, How would you go about dismissing the keyboard onBlur on mobile? The keyboard doesn't dismiss on mobile and kinda ruins the submit interaction animation effect

Alexander Olssen

Is there any way to change keyboard with "done" button and arrows when using a phone?

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