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Xin Xin
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

Hello folks! I'm working on an app that works like Periscope, a live streaming app. I'd love to get your thoughts on feasibility of prototyping this in Framer.

Is there a way to pass a video file from one device to another? Say I have a camera pointing somewhere in location A. Then a device in location B can see video from device A, and vice versa.

I tested out Keishi Tsuchiya's awesome Camera Layer extension ( and it works great for one device showing video from that device. But how can I send that video to another device?

There are a couple ways I could wizard of oz this. I could have set up a livestream on Youtube and Twitch to secretly record and have Framer access those somehow. I could also have 2 screens connected to one device and "split" it. Then I would have the conundrum of how to record from multiple webcams. I think this is possible from this excellent test:

These are all my thoughts so far. It's a super gnarly problem and I appreciate any help. Thanks!


Koen Bok

The official way would be to use webrtc, but I don't think it's supported on iOS yet:

Xin Xin

Thanks Koen. From what I can tell webrtc works fine on android and chrome for desktop.

Drew Stock

Nice, Xin! ;)

Poojan Jhaveri

Xin Xin Some ways to think around it is PeerJS, PubNub, Twilio using their video calling APIs. I am not sure how easy it is to integrate along with Framer. To wizard of this is alos trying air sever

Marc Krenn

You can use this as an template:

1: Upload project to Framer.Cloud
2: Send Cloud link to Android device(s)
3: Open link in Chrome Mobile, tap on the "more" aka "three dots"-button -> "Add to homescreen" to get rid of Chrome's UI chrome
4: Create / join channel
5: If the cam feed freezes, quit the call (phone button) and rejoin the room. It's a known Chrome Mobile bug (

Xin Xin


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