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Jonathan Cohen
Posted Jan 11 - Read on Facebook

Looking for a prototyping app to build and maintain a functional sales demo. Is it possible to do the following things with Sketch and Framer?

1) When responding to user input, page components should refresh without reloading the page.
- Expand/collapse
- Swapping content (carousels)
- Hover states and tooltips (buttons, map pins, tooltips)
- Search type-ahead
- Drop-downs

2) Some content should be maintained externally from the design to support sales flows that demo functionality and use cases.
- Drop-downs lists
- Search type-ahead matches for keyboard input

3) Global style changes for sales targets
- Logos
- Colors

4) Embedded videos

cc: Micah Choquette Gretchen Ziegler


Jordan Robert Dobson

Yes. It's a product built on web technologies... so anything you can do on the web you can do in Framer.

Micah Choquette

Jordan, I've only managed to find one solid article pertaining to using Framer for web (desktop) design, though. Any others I'm missing out on?

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