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Walé Ogundipé
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

OK, been playing w/ Framer's open source... Wondering whether that saves much time vs creating animations etc. from scratch. Doing styling with it feels more programmatic/logical than typical CSS, but there's still plenty of random quirks w/ it. At first it seemed like the business, but now it just seems clunky. What are your takes on using Framer.js without Framer Studio?


Jordan Robert Dobson

You just don't get some of the best features like the iOS app, the millisecond reloading, the auto-code and animation tools...

I bet most of the quirks are pretty easily explained.

Have you seen any of the guides for using it on windows? Most of those people don't have Framer Studio.

Also, how do you mean "vs creating animations from scratch"?

Joseph D. Wolff

Honestly, Walé, I feel that if you go that route you're better off just putting together your own prototyping shell with browserSync or liveReload updating the changes. I primarily use Framer as an animation / motion design playground early on in a project.

German Bauer

Yeah basically Framer Studio = many people-hours of pre-made and qa'd things so you can focus on your prototype content.
It's not that you couldn't roll your own and even optimize locally here and there, but then you'd better build a prototyping tool yourself and spending all of your time doing so.

Javier Eduardo Treviño

in my own experience Walé Ogundipé, using the Framer JS framework without the Mac app is doable but much less intuitive and much more similar to front-end web development. There's even a bigger gap now with auto-code and more Sketch-like features like a properties panel and a menu which let's you add Layers and States directly from it. If you are already a great front-end coder it might be even better to skip Framer Studio but as Joseph D. Wolfff mentioned, if you're going that route, you might as well invent your own prototyping workflow with tools from the JS ecosystem. Personally I ended up buying Studio because I wanted to explore design with simple scripts and for the ease of Sketch support. I prefer when development is a different phase that requires more discipline and precision, and it's its own thing.

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