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Igor Dvorkin
Posted Jan 19 - Read on Facebook

I'm a developer working with my designer. My designer uses framer, and I preview the CoffeeScript in a local website and make minor tweaks.

When I change everything works. However, when I change modules, framer.modules.js doesn't get rebuilt.

Is there a script i can run to rebuild framer.modules.js?


Jordan Robert Dobson

I'm pretty sure Framer IDE is doing that.

Igor Dvorkin

I think your right. How do I do that same thing from command line. Is there an npm command or coffee command?

Eelco Lempsink

The module builder is internal to the Framer app. It basically builds a single JS module from a bunch of files, each exported by their file name using browserify and coffeeify (and sorcery to improve the source maps). You can either leave Framer open while editing modules (it should register changes and recompile) or, maybe a bit more advanced, lift the module builder from inside the app (dig into the .app bundle and and look for FramerModuleBuilder)

Igor Dvorkin

Thanks Eelco Lempsink I want the advanced version - Do I need to run: %) » python /Applications/ modules foo.js ? When I do this, foo.js gets written to the app directory, BUT it doesn't have any modules in it. Do you know the exact command I need to be running?

Igor Dvorkin

Thanks Eelco Lempsink - for the thread, you can do this via: python /Applications/ `pwd`/modules `pwd`/f.js

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