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Janik Lipke
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

Hi everyone, I started using Framer today and loved it right away. I wanted to record my first project using quicktime on a mac. However I'm having issues with the cursor rapidly jumping back and forth between the system cursor and the round Framer cursor (see video attached) which makes it impossible to record a decent video. Anyone else experienced this issue before and knows how to solve it? Thanks


Aalok Trivedi

maybe try turning off cursor/mouse clicks in QT? theres an option next to the record button

Janik Lipke

Hi Aalok, tried that already. This issue isn't specifically a QT one. The flare also occurs in regular use of Framer without an screen recording on :/

Igor Kulemza

This is strange, there shoud not be mouse cursor when you move it inside screen frame. I had recorded some videos via QT befor and had not such issues.

Janik Lipke

Had a quick chat with the Framer support and they said it was an OS issue. Resetting the computer fortunately solved the error

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