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Jon Arnold
Posted Jan 13 - Read on Facebook

Hi guys, I stumbled upon this article and wanted to recreate this in Framer:

Currently I am stuck here:

Thank you!


Jonas Treub

You could check out this confetti emitter I made a while ago:

Jon Arnold

Thank you Jonas Treub but this doesn't help me to draw that circles like in the example. What is the best way to achieve this?

Jonas Treub

You could draw a new circle for each frame and give all previous circles a life length of a certain amount of frames. In its life-time you want to fade each circle rom 1 to 0

Jon Arnold

David Lee do you want to have a go on that ;-)

Shane Brown

Checkout if you haven't already :)

Marc Krenn

Ported his code to Framer, cleaned it up quite a bit and made it HTML5 canvas compliant (I really see no need for using his CreatveCoding.js lib tbh):

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