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Sean Nelson
Posted Jan 12 - Read on Facebook

I'm working to create a very deep app prototype with dozens of screens. Would Framer's offline performance on the companion app hold up with a complex app like this? I've been playing with Origami Studio and the performance isn't great with more than a couple of screens. Thanks!


Radek Kyselý

I believe it's a lot about how you handle the scope of your code, but can you be more specific? What does "very deep" mean? 50 screens/100 screens/500 screens?

Sean Nelson

Good point, I'd say it's around 30 screens.

Jordan Robert Dobson

Yep just start simple and consider deleting layers and rebuilding them as you need them if possible.

Brandon Shepherd

I've just completed a pretty decently large prototype, not quite as large as you're suggesting, but it handled pretty good. I did have to make some adjustments and hide certain layers when not in view to help smooth things out a bit. One thing I did notice though was that it doesn't respond very well to fast gestures, like a fast swipe. As long as you use moderately paced touches, then it works pretty well.

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