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Gregory J. Orton
Posted Jul 27 - Read on Facebook

Hi, Frameristas.

I've not been that active here recently, but I'd like to welcome 2017 with a little gift. I've just finished getting my new AudioAccess module ready for prime time. It's now on github ready for your prototyping needs.

What is AudioAccess?
It's a module for Framer that simplifies and exposes a sound API so that you can:
- enable microphone input in your prototypes
- record microphone input
- play back the recordings
- can load and play back audio files from the local file system
- can output the live input to speakers or headphones

Happy New Year! (feedback welcome)


Jordan Robert Dobson


Alexander Bennett

Gregory J., This is awesome! Is there a way to get the values of the recording audio's volume?

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