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Lukas Guschlbauer
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook


Is there an error in the documentation (maybe deprecated?):

I just played around with the DragsStart and DragEnd Events and tried out the snippet from the documentation:

# Returns the event, layer.draggable and the layer
layerA.on Events.DragStart, (event, draggable, layer) ->
print event, draggable, layer

And it seems like the function only returns the first two parameters, "event" and "draggable", where draggable really is the "layer"-parameter. The third parameter is "undefined".

So it should actually be:

# Returns the event and the layer
layerA.on Events.DragStart, (event, layer) ->
print event, layer

For the "move"-Event there's also no "draggable"-parameter. It returns "offset" and "layer".

Is this an error in the documentation?


Eelco Lempsink

You’re correct, this is indeed an error. I’ve fixed it in the docs, should be updated in the online version soon. Great catch, thanks!

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