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Daniel Caine
Posted Jan 10 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

So this is probably the most complicated prototype I've made so far, and I'm so close to being done with it! :D Was wondering if I could get a little help from the community, however, as I've gotten to the point where I really don't understand what's causing a certain bug.

Basically, you'll find if you click the images and close them multiple times, eventually it'll get to the point where the clicked photo doesn't go to the top of the viewport. Instead, it just gets stuck on its way to the top (so to speak).

Any help would be much appreciated. I may be able to figure it out tomorrow with fresher eyes, but right now I'm like argh! Thanks! 👊


Eelco Lempsink

Hi Daniel, I took a look, but I couldn’t quickly figure out the bug. I did see that when clicking a second time the image ends up at y-position 1300, which is similar to the content inset you give to the detailHolder, although I don’t understand why that’s necessary?

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