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Aaron V. Geibler
Posted Jan 08 - Read on Facebook

Hello, a problem with the Framer Cloud: I have two different Framers. I uploaded #1. Then I opened #2. I click ‚Cloud‘, and it only offers me to „update“, although I did not upload it yet. When I click „update“, it will overwrite #1.
This happens only with these two Framers, not with my other ones.
How can resolve this?


Aaron V. Geibler

Ok, i figured it out. In case anybody runs into the same problem: In $framerName/Framer/, there is a config.json that contains a projectID. Both IDs where the same, I obviously created my Framer #2 by duplicating Framer #1. To fix the issue, I created a new Framer project and copied its config.json to #2.

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