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Rolando Mathias
Posted Jan 09 - Read on Facebook

Hey Frameristas and Frameristos, I'm creating a prototype and all is going well... but I'm trying to implement a slider filter (airbnb reference shown in screenshot) and I've hit a major roadblock :( Can't find any examples in Framerland of it so if you have any clue, please give me a (loud) shout :)


Jonas Treub

You could use two sliders on top of each other. If you make the track of the top slider transparent nobody will notice

Radek Kyselý

I did this few weeks ago and because I had difficulties highlighting the active range, I created the slider myself.

As I saw few requests on this, I decided to create a module out of it today :)

Feel free to download, share, copy, edit, whatever.

(also I'm a GitHub noob so if there's any problem, let me know)

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