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Zoltán Cserei

This all seems very interesting, but can someone please explain the use case where this might be required? Why are we taking prototypes this far?

Amul Patel

love this.. Why arn't all prototyping products connected to REST services and Why are there no dragNdrop modular flows for iteration, series manupulation, quering/filtering/facets etc.

Marc Krenn

Super cool project, Ben! Thanks for sharing :)

If you want to dive into real Framer IoT prototypes, I've got you covered as well! Check out the Particle Module and example here:

It's very similar to my Firebase module with its get-, post-, onChange-methods.

All you need is a Particle Photon (WiFi, $19) or Electron (2G/3G, starting at $49). Those devices are basically Cloud-connected Arduinos.

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