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Daniel Caine
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hey guys,

Has anyone got something similar to the following:

A prototype which has a scrollable feed, and on clicking any of those layers, that clicked layer goes to the top of the view, revealing also a detail view underneath it. If you look at the prototype attached that's what I've got so far...

BUT then what I want to do - and this is what I'm struggling with - is having those two layers (the detail view and the clicked layer which is now at the top of view port) scrollable.

Hope that makes sense? 😂


Daniel Caine

Got it working guys.

What I did was animate the two elements (the "image" and detail view) as normal, but then copy() each of them once the animation had ended, adding the newly created layers to a scrollComponent.

Uploaded the Framer Cloud link so if anyone's interested they can view the code there. 😀

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