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Aaron V. Geibler
Posted Jan 07 - Read on Facebook

Hello, I experience crashes of iojs (/Applications/ when opening most Framer examples from the web by clicking the „Open in Framer“ link. Before the crash, I get a spinning wheel in Framer for up to 30 secs.

First I thought this happens only for old prototypes that need to be update when opening in the current Framer version. But now I realized that it even happens with Jonas Treubs latest iPod example posted here:

Opening this prototype, Framer does not ask me to update, but still crashes.

For some (pretty rare) prototypes, it does not crash, but I can’t see any pattern here. E.g. the Medium App prototype from the Framer Gallery opens well:

Here is a pastebin containing Mac OS X’s crash report when opening Jonas’ iPod:

Is this an issue with the current Framer version, or an issue with my installation? Is there anything I can do about it? Both OS X and Framer are up-to-date (Mac OS X 10.12.2 (16C67), Framer 7890). Thanks.


Koen Bok

We found a bug that we fixed in the latest beta. We're planning to ship it on Monday.

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