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Stan Tan
Posted Jan 05 - Read on Facebook

Hi all, am new to Framer here, have a question regarding how to set the animation options from animating to a state? i can't seem to follow the docs given, or maybe did it the wrong way. Some context to my issue:
1) created layerA, and a state.b for layerA
2) created layerB, and onClick layerB, i want to animate to state.b layerA.

Framer seems to already define the animation time of 1 to that animation, and i wish to change this but dont know the right way to do so :(


Dallas Peters

Something like this?
layerA = new Layer
# properties
layerA.states =
b :
backgroundColor : "red"
options :
time : .25

layerB = new Layer
# properties
layerB.onTap ->

Stan Tan

God bless Framer community! Thanks a lot Dallas Peters !

Dallas Peters

You betcha!

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