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Gilbert Han
Posted Jan 04 - Read on Facebook

Guys, one question.
How do you guys share your framer project privately? I know Framer cloud is great and link is really hard to guess, but confidential is confidential. Is there anyway that I can set a password to my project?


Sergey Voronov

You can always upload project folder to your server

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

Yeah I sometimes host them myself. Also, remember that people on the same network can run it on (insert your local IP) when Framer is open. Or you can download MAMP or something and run a more permanent server on your machine.

Sigurd Tapio Mannsåker

But on this note: Does anyone else miss the Share function? I've noticed that my threshold for sharing simple examples to show a technique is much higher now that everything is added to my dashboard. I used to share a lot of throwaways to help people on the Framer Slack group, but now I find myself pasting snippets rather than functional prototypes. Bit of a shame. Or am I missing something? (Koen Bok / Niels van Hoorn?)

Gilbert Han

I finally figured out by using my old computer as a server. Thanks for your input!

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