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Janne te Dorsthorst
Posted Jan 02 - Read on Facebook

Question! I’m importing a Sketch design in Framer. Everything went well, untill I added the login artboard page in the Sketch file. Suddenly Framer is not showing lines and some texts. The other artboards are perfect.

The lines and texts aren’t stuck under layers. I tried changing the names of the layers, re-importing multiple times. However, nothing solved my issue. Is this a known problem?


Stephen Crowley

Hey Janne - try putting those layers that aren't importing in a group with a unique name. Let me know if that works at all.

Reshad Farid

try putting them in a group with cmd + g in sketch

Janne te Dorsthorst

I didn’t put the elements that weren’t showing in a map. I grouped them and its working now. Thanks! :)

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